About Us



As a company, we proudly stand behind every product that we produce with the chain networks we have created in production, with a wide variety of cereal products and big projects abroad and in the country.

For over 30 years of experience, our company has grown annually with an increase in quality, capacity, customer satisfaction and most crucially our network.

As AKILLI TARIM we continue to move forward on this path to keep on developing and we invite you to be a part of this family.

With our innovative technology and understanding of quality, we aim to serve within the framework of years knowledge and experience.
To support the country's economy with our foreign trade power and accuracy-based approach, with high foresight, target-oriented innovative approaches. Being one of the biggest cotton suppliers of Turkey and one of the pioneers of the cotton sector.
AKILLI TARIM has adopted the principle of providing accurate and reliable service by acting in an innovative and contemporary understanding in line with its goals.;
  • To produce and sell under hygienic conditions in national and international quality standards.
  • To produce quality products in accordance with the needs, priorities and expectations of its stakeholders.
  • To provide unconditional customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure continuity in production by taking advantage of all technological innovations.
  • Aims to sell by protecting personal data